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How many great ideas have you left unsaid?

Welcome home to Fearless Communication

I’m Anne and welcome to Fearless Communication, where professionals learn to get understood and speak up without fear.

No matter how technical or complex your message is. Let’s simplify it so that your listener can walk away feeling good.

With over 15 years of experience working with international teams and multicultural individuals, I specialize in helping professionals feel confident and effective when presenting ideas to teams, stakeholders, clients or colleagues.

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Which area do you struggle with the most when presenting your ideas?

These are the 3 pillars that are the foundation of my work. By addressing the communication barriers from all these 3 angles, not only can we build clear and convincing messages, but we can also make you feel comfortable doing so.




How can we work together?

I understand that navigating the complex world of communication and leadership can be challenging. I’m here to support you on your journey. Not every need looks or feels the same, so no one size fits all.

Some of you are at the beginning of your communications skills journey and some are more advanced and need a “refresher”. So what services do I offer?

One-to-one sessions online

Minimum commitment of 5 sessions

My pre-recorded 60-minute online course on the basics of "Public Speaking"

Includes an extensive digital workbook & audio visualization exercises

Speaker gigs at events


Small group workshops online or face-to-face in Zurich, Switzerland

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Communication for Success

Communication is like a river running through the roots of trees in the forest.

The water covers all the roots of the trees, it nourishes them and it is in a constant flow.

Meaning that communication is EVERYWHERE, not only in project management and it happens in almost every situation where people interact with one another. It is essentially the roots and lifeblood of all our human interactions.

Do your communication skills let you advance in your career?

One very important aspect of motivating, inspiring and gaining the cooperation of people is your ability to convey an idea.
The way you want to convey an idea through your understanding of it is not always the way your listener wants to receive it. Learning how to speak from a perspective outside of your own bias is key to conveying your ideas in ways that your listener can not only understand but also resonate with and support.

Let me give you an example below


The famous demo day

You are leading a team in the development of a new mobile app update which you’ve been working on for the last six months. You and your team have run the ideas, you’ve done the testing, and it’s finally shaping into a tangible product.

In order for this app update to be approved for funding, you’ll need to present it to a group of higher-ups who are the decision-makers. Therefore, you need to understand more about the priorities of decision-makers and what they value.

So the WHAT and not so much the HOW. Then you will need to know how to curate the message in a way that resonates with what your stakeholder wants to hear before presenting the final demo.

You are a tech person and tech talk excites you so when you get your chance to speak, you naturally want to talk about YOUR passions, what excites YOU and how amazing the technology is.

Does this sound familiar?

You spoke of things in terms of your passions and interests without adjusting to your listener.

You did not create trust or highlight the value points THEY were looking for to their level of understanding. You focused on “how it works” and not “what it does for the end user and the business”.

You may have made the assumption that they understand and are interested in the tech jargon that actually confused them.

Summarized, it boils down to:

What you want to say vs. What your listener wants to hear

You spent time understanding your listener and what their objectives were for listening to you.

You prepared your presentation around the idea of understanding what your listener needed to hear to emotionally connect with you and trust you.

You were very confident, concise, factual and spoke in terms of benefits towards your listener’s main goals.

You practised presenting your idea and tested the presentation beforehand to get a better feel of how it would be received by your listener.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin
Communication skills are People Skills

If you are ready to take a journey to improve your people skills, communication skills and presentation skills, you will see massive changes for the better in a wide variety of areas in your life.

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