Communication & Public Speaking for Tech


12 Week 1:1 Program


Why FEARLESS communication?

Fearless Communication is designed to transform your frustration and insecurity in your communication skills into confidence and clarity.

No more intimidating presentations!

This way, your weekly meetings, international online video conferences, multicultural networking events and presentations in English become a relief and definitely more enjoyable!

Fearless Communication
Fearless Communication


Public speaking is one of those skills that could potentially be a deal-breaker for your success. If you do not improve your ability on delivering a clear and meaningful message to your audience, you run the risk of not being seen, not getting the credibility or meaningful project that truly lights you up.

Transmitting a message with honesty, integrity and authenticity is a gift. The good news is that it can be learned through repeated practice, review and a systematic preparation process.

I will push you to aim higher than just being able to deliver a rational pitch. My mission is to train you to tell a compelling and memorable story. This will help you focus, build strong and lasting healthy relationships and achieve you getting seen in getting the recognition and projects that align with your purpose.


"My mission is to train you to tell a compelling and memorable story."

Anne Pirkkanen




Planning and Roadmap
 Scheduling and kick-off


Managing Fear: Identify and Release
Learn to control your fear in your mind and body. Identify and release the blocks and start to enjoy speaking in front of audiences. Yes it can be fun!


Design your message: Tell your story
Collecting and brainstorming information, data, stories and fun facts. Build a meaningul and impactful story.


Language & Style: Find your words and voice
Articulate and pronounce clearly all the technical terms whilst using connectors to bring flow to your message. Master the art of Story-Teching. Learn how to use your voice and the power of silence to feel comfortable. Learn to love your voice.


Build a Structure - Stay focused
Your audience will often remember th beginning and end of your speech, meeting or pitch. A simple and clear structure will guide you and your audience on the journey. Make it a emorable one. Stay focused and manage your time. Less is more.


Body Language: I like the way you move
Feel your body and mind present at all time. Use your hands, posture and movement to bring your story to life. The eyes arev the window of your soul.


Controlling emotions: Learn to handle your energy
Speaking in public can be overwhelming and extremely energy consuming. Through mindfulness, NLP techniques and some serious practice, learn to stay cool and grounded from the beginning. Shift from nervous and serious to calm and confident.


Connect with your audience: It's about them
Your audience have to come to hear you and you have to come to speak to them. Know when to pick up the energy, engage with the them or even ask for help. The same way as a doctor needs patients, the speaker needs its audience.

WEEK 09+10

Practice & more practice: Works magic
Practice, practice and more practice. Here the effort, emotions and results meet in a beautiful symphony. By using the AI-powered platform to record and get your instant analytics, you can see how you are crumbling down the walls of your comfort zone. On the other side, your CONFIDENCE is waiting!


Feedback & Review
Becoming Version 2 of YOU can open numerous opportunities for you in your personal and professional life.

Performance is the sum of preparation, practice and review.


Next Steps
After coming to the end of this journey, you are now ready continue systematically building meaningful presentations on your own and fearlessly!


Machine Learning Engineer at Apple
"I´m a machine learning engineer working at Apple an I worked with Anne to prepare the interview process for this role 🙂 She has also helped me prepare several presentations and thanks to her experience I felt that I could communicate better with less. As an engineer, sometimes it´s hard to present clearly complex information, but it´s worth the effort. Her advice has helped me also in day-to-day communication issues like managing e-mails, deadlines and expectations."


"Being able to deliver a direct and honest message authentically without second guessing or feeling small."


Are you changing roles to where you will have to present regularly to important audiences?


Do you feel insecure about your presentation skills?


Do you have trouble presenting in a second or third language to senior audiences?


If yes, then this might just be the right programme for you!





This program has been designed to only go through the structure of a presentation and adapt your language, but also a lot of time is dedicated to learning how to work with your emotions and connect with your audience.


This is much more than just building your rational presentation, it’s teaching you to build and deliver compelling messages.


These are the types of presentations that will get you seen and noticed.


The types of effects that can be the dealbreaker of getting you the next project, position or raise.


Above all, your next opportunity!

What happens in 12 weeks?

These sessions are designed for you to get:

  • Public speaking from A-Z
  • Learning how to present without feeling small or second-guessing
  • Build an effective preparation process that you can always follow
  • Learn to manage your emotions
  • Weekly tasks with specific focus areas
  • Measurable improvement and Continuos practice on the AI-powered platform.

What do you get?

  • 12 practical and dynamic live sessions
  • 3 Presentation technique PDF Guides
  • Spotify empowerment Playlist
  • Real-life practise and coaching on the spot with feedback
  • Tips and techniques toolbox
  • Confidence in preparing solid presentations
  • Unlimited access to the AI-powered platform to never stop practising your presentations.

Do you have any questions?

5 reasons why Fearless Communication

Stand out with your memorable presentations

Structure and prepare your presentations effortlessly

Transform your insecurity into confidence

Bring clarity to your messages and get heard

Connect with your audience like a pro

Are you ready to start your Fearless Communication 12-week programme?

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